Custom Aquarium Designs

People come to us with a wish. We take that wish and help to make it a reality. They bring these desires to us on napkins, as artist renderings, and sometimes as in depth sketches. This is when we like to be engaged – from the start!

Owning a unique aquarium built for your home can add an incredible element to any room. If the spending budget is acceptable, having a fish tank made exclusively to fit flawlessly into your living space is possibly the best option. Most companies who design and manufacture custom aquariums will work closely with architects and interior designers to warrant a proper aquarium design and a happy client. Here at AbySciences we have our own in-house architects, designers and a proper manufacturing plant catering every need for any aquarium enthusiast. We create home aquariums for every taste!

We continually push the creative limits in the aquarium sector by building exclusive aquariums with the ocean’s most spectacular species. Our focus is on detailed attention to detail and exceptional customer service. We are likely able to make your dream tank reasonably priced when other companies cannot, and concentrate in big aquariums and custom shapes. As stated before, focus to detail and top quality is of high importance. We use complete gauge Polycast brand acrylics when possible in the structure of our aquariums.

We offer:

  • All Imaginable Custom Aquariums
  • Artificial Decorations
  • Real Organic Decorations
  • Cabinetry
  • CNC Matching
  • Onsite Installation
  • Filtration
  • Fish for the Tank
  • Fish Food

…and more!

3 Ideas for a Garden Party – Decorating the Garden

Decorating the garden for an event (or a party) is always enjoyable because it provides a special atmosphere that is both unique and cozy. Putting together a garden event does not need a big lawn or lighting. A small garden or terrace in your apartment/house is more than enough for a terrific garden event. So, here are a few decorating suggestions to help you throw out a nice event outdoors, whether it is a weekend party, bbq grill or any other get-together.

1. Use Flowers, Garden shelters and an Elegant Canopy
Garden party designing can be pretty challenging at times since you need to select the right decorations to match your theme. It is always clever to use more natural items than artificial decorations for your patio event because they add a lot of essence to the event. For example, natural flowers, a romantic shelter, wooden furniture or an elegant canopy will always add to the design of your gathering no matter the situation. Add the detail of summer with fresh flowers and fruits!

2. Make It Guest Friendly
Proper lighting and decorative pieces are always good to have hanging around the area. But it is vital for you to make sure they are installed at a safe level so the guests don’t walk against them. Also make certain that flower posts and other big decorations don’t come in the way of your guests.

3. Table Decorations
Use a neutral coloured table cloth like beige or white with matching napkins. Red makes a great accent colour against the lawn in the yard therefore set the table with red dishes. You can also use green apples as table cloth holders and position one on top of each napkin.

4. Candle light
Lighting has a massive impact on the feel of a party so think about using only candle light for your garden party design. Enjoy the candles and decorations as they flow in the shimmering shadows of the evening.

Following these couple of quick tips can help you get over any small obstacles that you might go through while putting together a garden gathering and you could make the event to remember.


What’s all the equipment needed to set up a fish tank in your home?

Establishing a freshwater aquarium can be a fun challenge. There’s bunch of options to choose, what kind of fish to get, the aquarium furnishings and how to take care of the aquarium. Standard equipment features a filtration system, water additives and furnishings, and several other supplies.

The Tank
First of all, you’ll have to choose the type of aquarium tank. Tanks range from different sizes and shapes, so take into consideration its place in your home, your resources and the size, number and types of fish for the tank. The larger the tank, the better it is for the fish, but a small, 5-gallon tank can be just as fulfilling. Some tanks come with all the essential components, as a set to make it easy for you to start out. Or you can buy the supplies individually from the tank.

The water is the most critical component since it delivers the environment and conditions for the fish, and if the water isn’t clean and healthy, your fish won’t do well. If you’re planning a rather small fish tank, say, somewhere between 5 and 15 gallons, get gallon bottles of spring water to be absolutely safe. If the tank is more than 20 gallons, or you can’t access spring water, you’ll have to prepare in advance. Buy additives to get rid of chlorine and make the water safe immediately. Despite the additives, it’s best to let new tank to circle water(through the filter in the tank’s filtration system) for at least 24 hours before adding live fish.

Filtration is possibly the most challenging part of fish-keeping. Filtration systems can differ regarding how they retain the tank clean. Some have mechanical filters, indicating removing solids from the tank by pulling the water through a filter. Some depend on bacterial filtration, allowing for the natural bacteria to balance itself out. If your aquarium is very large, it’s clever to use both versions of filtration for ideal conditions. Maintenance involves replacing out the charcoal piece of the filter, and vacuum-cleaning the tank from time to time. A mechanical filter needs replacing the filter cartridge as necessary. Partial water changes are a required also, and should be performed every 3 to 6 months no matter what kind of filter you have. Occasionally, you’ll be encouraged to carry out the water changes more often.

Other Supplies
Gravel, sand and rocks set the base for your fish tank. Always wash the contents properly before adding new stuff to the tank or you’ll have small dust pieces hanging in the water. A tank lid is required so the fish won’t jump out. The preference of fish net and food is based on the variety of fish you’re planning to get. Buy decoration particularly made for fishkeeping to prevent placing lead or other dangerous components to the aquarium. The inside design elements are not only visually attractive, fish in fact use them to hide. Live plants also provide decor and hiding spots, as well as adding oxygen to the water and helping lower algae. An algae scraper is a convenient item to have to keep the glass clean. If your fish are tropical, like a betta, a heater and water thermometer are important tools as fish from warm waters should to be placed in water kept at 76 to 82 degrees F (24 to 28 C).